Volunteering Your Time

Want to make a difference in the lives of seniors?

Want to help a person quench their thirst for spiritual strength?

Share your time with Faith, Hope, and Peace Ministries! We have opportunities specifically for:

Further information on being a Lay worship facilitator

Join FHP as a worship facilitator.

  • Help gather worshippers
  • Prepare space for worship
  • Assist individuals during the worship
  • Your service will help encourage more individuals to attend
  • You will experience the gratefulness of those in attendance
  • You will help connect these people with their Savior!

If you are interested, please Contact Us today!

“In my weekly visits to the nursing home with Faith, Hope and Peace ministries, I have come to realize that faith does not wither as we age.  The elderly residents look forward to the weekly service where they can sing familiar hymns and hear a message of hope and comfort.  I have learned several of the residents’ names and they are beginning to know me and feel comfortable.  It is a humbling experience and I pray that more care centers will open their doors to this outreach opportunity.”

Mary Coulman
St. John Lutheran Church, Darien, IL

“Faith, Hope and Peace Ministries is a pivotal ministry in reaching not only our senior residents but people of all ages.  God is at work through His amazing ministry!

I ask you to place yourself in the very presence of a resident who has very few options.  They have had to leave their homes, family and friends…..their spouses and have been put into a whirlwind of change.  My people have lost the ability to drive, their freedom (to a point) and asked to start over.  This feat would be difficult for me, and yet it happens every day to my residents.  Change is difficult at any age; add the fears, doubts and possible illness to the change.  Who better than the Lutheran Church to do what Jesus asked us to do long ago …..feed my sheep.

I have countless testimonies as to how Jesus has reached my people, staff and families through Faith, Hope and Peace Ministries.  This ministry has brought church to the generation who actually long to attend church and served those churches.  How could we not take the time to thank them?  To provide access to Jesus through a church service?  To offer our time in fellowship and friendship?   And yet, this ministry reaches out to those of all denominations, especially those who are unchurched! It is the tool to teach those who are in a whirl wind of change that they are loved, needed, wanted, but most of all it reminds them they still have a purpose. When we reach out to our people…if you could only see and feel the joy and love we all experience! Their warm smiles brighten the darkest room of any heart.  I ask you to visit and see for yourself the life changing transformation of those hearts you choose to touch through this awesome ministry.  Come be a part and share your heart.  God will bless you richly.

Laurie Dorgan
St. John’s Lutheran Church, La Grange, IL