Volunteering Your Time as a Keyboardist

Would you like your musical skills to enhance the life of a senior citizen and their worship experience? Do you want to witness the love of Christ through your music? Join FHP to:

  • Fulfill the need of a total “live” worship environment
  • Provide the opportunity to reach unbelievers through music
  • Commit to provide midweek music in a facility close to you
  • Bring a quality worship environment to those in need
  • Utilize your talents to inspire this unique group

Please contact FHP so you can experience this wonderful and meaningful worship opportunity!

“From the perspective of a musician who has participated at several of the services at Emeritus, I know the importance of these worship opportunities. As with any congregation, they gather together as one in celebration of God’s love. Their enjoyment of singing the hymns becomes clear as you hear once-strong voices make an attempt at taking part in hymn singing. They may have trouble finding the words but they know it is important enough to keep trying. Anyone coming in for the first time would find it easy to join in their joyful singing. With help from the volunteers they were all able to follow the service. After a few weeks of working with a keyboard, I was glad to see that one of the residents had loaned her 2-manual organ for the services. What a joy to play for God’s children who are gathered together in worship and praise!
For a musician the intimate setting brings an immediate reaction to the music that I don’t get when playing the organ on Sunday mornings. Even a casual comment such as I heard many times (look at how she can play with her feet too!) brought me to regard this as more than just a casual playing job. The blessings flow to me as well as to the people gathered in worship.”

Beverly Baumann
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Itasca, IL