Devotion for September 5-7, 2017

Devotion for September 5-7, 2017

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to
harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” Jeremiah 29:11

More bad news. Doesn’t it seem that for the last couple of years, all we hear is “more bad
news.” The economy is still in the tank and no one seems to know what to do to fix it.
Anemic job growth rates do not hold out much hope for the unemployed? Gas prices are
through the roof and recent projections show that it will reach five dollars a gallon by fall
in some places (read Chicago). How much will it cost to drive across town by October?
The Middle-East, as is the norm, is a mess but it is a little bit more of mess these days with
civil unrest spreading like a wildfire. Life seems more than a little bit unsettled. What does
the future hold?

I would like to know and as much as I wish I owned a crystal ball to tell me what awaits
me in the future, I don’t. Much of the future remains uncertain for both you and me.
Personally, that uncertainty is difficult for me. My personality doesn’t abide by uncertainty
very well. I like all my ducks in a row. I like my “t’s” crossed and my “i’s” dotted. An
unknown future makes me more than a bit uneasy.

Some of you may feel the same way. You don’t know what the future holds for you and
that can cause a little anxiety. However, while we may not know what our futures hold.
The truth is that our futures are simply unknown to us. God knows full well the plans he
has for us.

As unsettled as the world is right now, to quote a friend, “God did not wake up this
morning and say, ‘Gee I’ve forgotten all about you and all my saints! What am I doing?'”
No, to be sure, God knows what he is doing; he is watching over us, caring for us, and
promises that he will continue to do so.

Here is where the words of Jeremiah become such a great comfort for us. God made it
clear to the people of Israel that he was fully in control of their future. They were going
through a tough time having been exiled to Babylon. Things certainly seemed “uncertain”

for them, but God reassured them that things were very certain for them. He knew not only
the plans he had for them but he knew that they were plans to do them good and not harm.
He loved them and wanted them to know that his love extended to them no matter their

For us today, God’s words to the people of Israel remain true. Although we might be
uncertain about our futures, our futures are totally certain to God. Actually, let me rephrase
that, “Our futures are totally secure in God.” With the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for
our sins we know that ours is a future of glory. With his resurrection from the dead we
know that ours is a life eternal. In turbulent times and unsettled futures we rest secure in
the pierced hands of Jesus who tasted death and the grave for us so that we might have a
future with him forever.

The cross is always our point of anchor in unsettled and uneasy times. There God
demonstrated his total commitment to us even to the point of death. How comforting it is
to know that he who gave his life for us is the very one watching over what will happen to

I guess the bottom line is this: God will take care of us; he has promised.

Prayer: Most gracious God, in your goodness you have promised to reach out your
almighty hands to care for our every need. While the world is at times so uncertain,
stir our faith that we might trust that you are securely in control. Help us each day to
rest in the knowledge that because of the death and resurrection of Christ our Savior,
you have guaranteed our future to be one of joy and peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.