Devotion and Prayer for Week of October 9, 2011

Meditation for the Week of October 9, 2011

 What did you do this morning?

What kind of routine do you go through as you get ready to begin your day?


While we all have different jobs, different responsibilities and different lives all of us are united by one common question.  It’s a question that has perplexed generation upon generation and has even been known to cause physical and mental paralysis in young women.  It’s the question, “What do I wear?”


Each morning millions of closest doors are thrown open to reveal the plethora of options hanging neatly before us.  Our minds race as we assess the many factors that weigh heavily on this one decision.  Who am I going to see today at work?  Should I go formal with the blue suit and red power tie, or do I go business casual?  What’s the weather like?  Do I go long or short sleeves?  Maybe today means a trip to the park with the kids and jeans and a sweatshirt would be appropriate?


How we dress says so much about who we are.  It effects our emotion, our state of mind and our ability to engage in a particular activity.  Think how uncomfortable you would feel showing up at the party in jeans and a tee shirt when everyone else was wearing gowns and tuxedoes.  Likewise, if you were invited for dinner at the White House you probably wouldn’t arrive in your pajamas.  But what would you wear if you were invited to meet God.  Is there anything in your closet appropriate for that occasion?  I suspect not.


Because, you see, I can put a tuxedo on a monkey, but it is still a monkey.  And I can put dress on a horse but it is still a horse.  And I can put a $1000 suit on a sinner but I am still a sinner.  There is only one thing appropriate for this occasion and we find it in Galatians 4:27.  “For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”  The verb “to put on” literally means to cover over.  And so it is Christ who we now wear as our divine garment.  God doesn’t care if we wear ripped jeans or expensive clothes these are just external coverings.  What he is looking for is on the inside.


When we wear Christ, having put him on in baptism, God no longer sees the sinner underneath.  He sees the glory of his Son, who came to cloth us in his righteousness.  So go ahead and put on what ever you like.  It doesn’t matter if your closet is full of the finest clothing or second generation hand me downs, it is the righteousness of Christ that now says who you are and prepares you for God’s banquet feast.


Weekly Prayer 

Heavenly Father, as I begin each day, remind me of your many blessings.  Remind me of my baptism in which you wrapped and clothed me in the righteousness of Christ.  Enable me to look past the external covering of this world and to see myself as you see me, spotless and clean.  Make Your Holy Spirit to dwell richly in my life so that I might live each day to the glory of Your Name.  Amen.