Devotion and Prayer for Week of October 30, 2011

Meditation for the Week of October 30, 2011


Each day I look out my back window I am reminded that the grass needs to be cut.  So far I have been successful in coming up with any number of excuses to put it off until another day.  I’m too tired.  It’s too wet.  The kids want to go fishing.  Or quite simply, I’ll get to it tomorrow.  So far I’ve put together a pretty good string of tomorrow’s.


Yes, I must admit that I’m procrastinating.  It’s not that I mind cutting the grass, it’s just that there are other things I’d rather do.  Procrastination is somewhat of an art form that we seem to prefect at a very early age.  Just ask any parent who has asked their child to clean their room.  I’m almost convinced that we are born with a procrastination gene that gives is an uncanny ability to put things off.


I’ve even seen some people put more time and energy into figuring out how not to do something, than to just do what needs to be done.  Now cutting the grass may not seem like a big deal but what about when it comes to doing God’s work.  In Genesis chapter 24 we hear the story of Eleazar.  Eleazar was the servant of Isaac who had been sent to find him a wife.


Upon finding Rebekah he immediately desired to return back to his master saying, “don’t delay me now that the Lord has made my trip successful.”  This scripture passage provides a good example for us.  When it comes to doing God’s work, we shouldn’t keep stalling and procrastinating, but clear away any obstacles that keep us from completing what we are supposed to do.


Procrastination results in serious harm.  The person who doesn’t answer when the Holy Spirit calls will miss his opportunity.  Imagine if Jesus had put off the work that Father had sent him to do?  Imagine if he never got around to dying on the cross for our sins, but missed the opportunity to complete this life saving work God desired for him to do?  The result would be a world still lost in sin with no hope of salvation.


But praise be to God, Christ didn’t procrastinate.  At the appointed time Christ died, bearing the sins of the world on His shoulders bring to you and I the life giving forgiveness we couldn’t earn on our own.  This gift is for all people, no matter how young or how old.  God gives us until our last breath to heed the call of the Hold Spirit.


Maybe you know someone, or live next to someone who doesn’t yet know the love and forgiveness of Jesus.  Perhaps this is your appointed time, to do God’s work of bringing the message of salvation to a friend or neighbor.  A simple invitation to a worship service could change their life for eternity.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

  Our Weekly Prayer

God of Salvation, open my heart to the needs of those around me, especially for those who don’t yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Give me a willing spirit to speak with them, to invite them, and to share with them what I know about Your gift of salvation.  Take away all my fears, and deliver me from my own procrastination.  Their life may just depend on it.  Amen.