Devotion and Prayer for Week of November 13, 2011

Meditation for the Week November 13, 2011

A Prescription to Improve Your Life!


If you ever watch some of the infomercials that are broadcast on the television, the claim above does not seem too outrageous.  Or if you pause for a moment in the supermarket and look at the tabloids you will see claims of instant, health, wealth and love.  Even some of the more legitimate magazines and newspapers anymore seem to carry articles and advertisements for things that will make us live longer, healthier and better.


And isn’t true that all of us truly would like to find a magic pill, elixir or formula that would give us that youthful look, a life without sickness or disease and all the wealth and material possessions we would ever need.  Yet, we are repeatedly cautioned about, you know if it sounds to good to be true – – The only real way to loss weight is to eat less and exercise more – To make money and accumulate wealth is to work hard, save your money and live simply.  There are tried and true answers, which we all know but don’t want to or won’t believe.


But, there is a really a prescription for living a richer, fuller and better life.  And there is no time better than the present to get started and to share with you this prescription.  I must caution you that this is not an easy prescription.  It is no quick fix or cure, it will take consistent steady effort, but the rewards are great and begin almost immediately.


This prescription is to spend time each day in God’s Holy word, to spend time doing a daily devotion with Holy Scripture as the source and base of this devotion.  This is how we as Biblical Christians can improve our life, our understanding and our service.



See, you can read nice stories about people and about other Christians and their activities, but they are no substitute for hearing God speak to you every day.  The Holy Scriptures are not a dead lifeless collection of writings.  They are the very Word of God – God speaks to us through his word.  The more time we spend in the word, the better we will hear and know God’s will and direction for our lives.


I encourage you to start the winter off right – to follow this prescription for your life – To be daily in the word of the Lord.


Weekly Prayer

 “Give me grace, O Lord to pray each and every day and to pray with a true and sincere desired for all those that I have come into contact today. Allow me to remember now my friends with love and my enemies with forgiveness, entrusting them all, as I do now entrust my own soul and body to your wonderful protecting care, through Jesus Christ. Amen