Devotion and Prayer for Week of May 11, 2014

Meditation for the Week of May 11, 2014


“What if some did not have faith?  Will their lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness?  Not at all!  Let God be true and every man a liar!”

                                                                                                                        Romans 3: 3-4


Without a doubt we live in challenging times for our faith as Christians.  We confess to follow Jesus who is “the way the truth and the life,” (John 14:6) however, the world around us vehemently insists that there is no such thing as absolute “truth!”  Truth to them is nothing more than a “construct.”  Truth is at most “truth for them” or “truth for me” but nothing more.  Truth is certainly not universal.  With no outside standard, objective guide to follow, man can make no clams as to what is ultimately true and what is ultimately false.  All things, they say, are relative, i.e. morality, religion, and core beliefs vary depending upon the individual.  Consequently, our faith, which claims not to be relative, collides each and every day with the world.

Those collisions can be painful.  Society places tremendous pressure on those who do not conform.  The media ridicules those who hold to absolute truth.  Portrayals as intolerant and hateful are common.  Who wants to be thought of as intolerant?  Peers will mock you if you “look” too different or if you stand out.  Does the term “Jesus freak” sound at all familiar?  College and university professors will paint you as foolish, naïve and unintellectual.  Do you like being thought a fool?  Stand for God and his ways in an increasingly godless society is hard.  Speak up for the unborn and see what it gets you?  Speak up for traditional marriage and see what comes your way?  Going with the flow, conforming our thoughts to match the world’s is the much easier path to take.  The problem, however, is that we will confront God’s truth one day.  We can count on that.  Simply denying that his truth does not exist does not make it go away.  It remains whether the world or we like it or not!

So, how do we as Christians equip ourselves so that we do not buy into this philosophical attitude?  St. Paul in the above passage gives us our starting point and the foundation upon which we make our defense:  “Let God be truth and every man a liar!”  At first, Paul’s words might seem combative, however, he is stating nothing more than the fact that only God can be trusted in matters of truth.  Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, mankind has lost its ability to think clearly.

Consequently, as Christians, we begin our thinking not with our own thoughts, but with the Word of God.  God’s Word provides the solid basis on which we stand and it is unchanging truth.  You can count on it not to shift like the opinions and philosophies of our day.  He provides firm footing in a world, which does not know what to believe any longer.  In truth, we should marvel at God’s Word because he has decided to write to us, to show us his wisdom and to guide us in the ways of righteousness.

For the sake of Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection, God has graciously called us to be his people.  He had forgiven our sins and given us a new birth.  We have been reborn so that we might have a “renewed mind,” (Romans 12:2).  That renewal means, “to be made different.”  We are called to think differently than the world; to see things from God’s perspective and trust that he knows more than mankind.  This is a wonderful perspective to have and a comforting way to live.

His Word is truth.  Study it, read it, mark it and inwardly digest it so that every aspect of your life reflects his truth.  And, remember, “Let God be true and every man a liar!”


Our Weekly Prayer 

Gracious God, we thank you that in your great wisdom you have given us your Holy Word that we might learn and believe the message of salvation that comes to us through Christ our Savior.  Grant that we might always cling to your Word as the Word of truth.  Grant us also the strength of faith to trust only in you, believing and trusting not what the world teaches, but believing and trusting your life-giving Word.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.