Devotion and Prayer for Week of March 9, 2014

Meditation for the Week of March 9, 2014

Lies, Do They Matter?


I saw an article on the Internet the other day about politicians and lying. The article said that politicians are expected to lie and in fact the article said that it is necessary for politicians to lie!

Really?  Did you vote for someone who would lie to you?

I guess this same author would say that Satan had to lie to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan had to lie about what God said otherwise there is no way Eve would have bothered to listen to him. Why did Eve listen to Satan? Because Satan told her something that Eve wanted to hear, even though Eve knew the truth. The lie tickled Eve’s ears and perked her interest. “Did God Really Say?” “You won’t really die!”

Here is one of the amazing things about this whole story back in the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve were not created to die.  Death was nowhere in God’s plan. It was not created in the first seven days. It only comes into play when and if Adam and Eve violate a simple direction God gives them, which is to not eat of the tree. If they do, then and only then will they die, only then will death become a reality.

But Eve listens to the lie that Satan tells her and even inflates the lie when she says, “Oh yes, we will die even if we touch the tree.” (Not true, Eve, God did not say that!) But it’s too late for Eve who listened to the lie and took and ate the fruit of the tree and gave some to Adam who was with her and he ate too! So from this blatant lie, death entered the world and lying becomes a way of life, and ultimately death.

Adam quickly learned about lying, for God asks Adam where he is. Adam replies he is hiding because he is naked. God asks if Adam ate of the tree from which he was told not to eat. And Adam then blames Eve by saying, “The woman you gave me God, gave me some of the fruit and I ate of it.”  So lying and blaming fall off Adam’s tongue.

The result of this lying and of death entering the world is that now there is a reason for God to come to earth in human form to provide the means of salvation, the means for the forgiveness of sins, which will be the sacrificial death of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. We have now entered into the Church’s season of Lent, which is a time when we focus on the preparation for Jesus’ death on the cross. This death was made necessary by the lying and the deception started by Satan and believed by Adam and Eve. So the answer to the question at the beginning of this devotion is yes, lies matter. Lies told by Satan, believed by our human parents, have brought death and separation from God into the world; nothing is more serious. Gratefully God had a plan of how to take care of those lies and the sins that follow and that is the life, death and resurrection of his only Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! That’s the truth!


Our Weekly Prayer 

Lord, we pray for those who are tempted, distressed, erring or lying. Gently guide them by Your great goodness and bring them into the way of peace and truth.  Please consider and comfort all those who are in trouble, danger, temptation, bondage to sin and those who have lost their knowledge of You and Your Son. In Your great love, grace and mercy, bring them close to You; for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.