Devotion and Prayer for Week of January 19, 2014

Meditation for the week January 19, 2014

“When the master of the feast tasted the water now become wine, and did not know where it came from (though the servants who had drawn the water knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom” (John 2:9)


Jesus’ first miracle seems like an odd choice.  You would expect His first miracle to be something that helps someone in great need – healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, or even raising the dead.  You don’t expect Jesus’ first miracle to be making booze at a party for folks who have had plenty to drink already.  But this first of Jesus’ miracles reveals His nature and what He’s come to do.

For many of us, our religion only comes into play when we are in great need, when things are going terribly wrong in our lives.  We pray to God when we’re sick or in the hospital.  We pray when someone we love is unemployed or depressed.  We look to God when things are going wrong.

But how often do we see God when things are going right, when we are blessed during times of joy and celebration?  Jesus’ first sign was to give joy and gladness to a couple at their wedding.  He wanted to spare them the embarrassment of running low on wine, so He made sure there was plenty to go around.  He didn’t make a big show of it.  The headwaiter and the groom didn’t even know where the wine had come from.

But you know.  You are like the servants in the story.  Your job is to listen to Jesus and do what He tells you.  You see what happens behind the scenes.  You know that Jesus is the source of all the gifts and blessings in your life.

Take a moment and think back over all your times of joy and celebration.  Think of weddings and birthday parties.  Think of holiday celebrations and surprises.  Jesus was there behind the scenes of each and every one.  Jesus was the one who gave you these happy moments.

That’s what Jesus is all about.  He isn’t just there when things go wrong; He’s there in the good times as well, celebrating with you.  And on the last day Jesus will provide the best of all possible celebrations.   Heaven will be like the best wedding celebration of all time.  There will be the best of all food and wine.  There will be the company of all God’s people.  Jesus Himself will be the host, providing for all your needs.

We get a foretaste of this in the Lord’s Supper as Jesus Himself feeds you with His body and blood.  This is better than any holiday meal, any wedding reception, any birthday party that you will ever celebrate, as here you are given the Lord’s gifts of forgiveness and life.


Our Weekly Prayer 

Lord God, You showed Your glory and led many people to faith by the works of Your Son.  As He brought gladness and healing to His people, grant us these same gifts and lead us also to perfect faith in Him, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen