Devotion and Prayer for Week of February 5, 2012

Meditation for the Week beginning February 5, 2012

Who or what is the source of your strength and protection?

I am always amazed at the large number of advertisements on the radio and the television for foods, vitamins and medicines that I cannot live without.  If I believed everything that was shown to me or spoken about I imagine that I would have to spend my whole day taking this vitamin, eating this food, taking this drug or else I won’t be living life to its fullest.  Granted many of these products do exactly what they say they will do – but isn’t there a limit?  Who or what should I really depend upon for my strength and my protection in life?

I was reading Psalm 18 which was written by King David, the great King of Israel in Old Testament times, before the time of Jesus Christ.  David wrote this Psalm after God had rescued David from the people who were trying to keep David from becoming the King.  David wrote:


I love you, Lord. You are my strength.

The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;

My God is my rock in whom I find protection.

He is my shield, the strength of my salvation and my stronghold. (Ps18:1&2)


This reminded me of a great picture that I have seen in some stores that sell framed art prints.  It is a picture of a stone lighthouse situated on a craggy rock outcropping in a body of water.  And from the appearances it is a large body of water, say like one of the great lakes or maybe an ocean.  In the picture the waves are huge, towering to the top of the lighthouse. And they are crashing in on the lighthouse.  And if you look carefully at the picture you will see a man in a rain slicker standing just outside of a door at the rear of the lighthouse.

While the waves are assaulting and crashing on the front of the lighthouse, the man standing at the rear behind the stone structure of the lighthouse is safe and secure.  I think that this is what David was saying when he wrote this Psalm.  No matter how strong, how big, or how frightening the situation, God is my protector, my strength, my stronghold and I will not be afraid.  David, just like the lighthouse keeper in the picture, is confident that God can and will care for him.

That is a confidence and an assurance that all of us should have.  Certainly there are foods, vitamins and drugs that aid us in keeping strong and well.  But the real source of our strength or our protection and of our salvation comes from our Creator God, who loved us so much that he sent his Son Jesus to save us.  We then can rejoice and give thanks to God in all our difficult situations knowing that he has provided for us in all circumstances.  David expresses joy as the Psalm ends saying:


For this, O Lord, I will praise You among the nations,

I will sing joyfully to Your name. (vs 49)


Weekly Prayer for Strength and Protection

 O Lord you are my rock, my fortress, my strength, my ever-present savior and Lord.  Help me, Lord, when times are tough and days are difficult to come to you in prayer seeking the assurance of your presence in all the circumstances of my life. Then help me to lift my voice to you in praise and thanksgiving for all your benefits to me, especially the gift of your Son, Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Thank you for loving me and saving me. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.