Devotion and Prayer for Week of February 3, 2013


Meditation for the February 3, 2013


How Would You Change the World?


I think it is fair to say that most of us would agree that the world needs changing.  As I write this article the United States is still reeling from two recent mass shooting incidents, there continues to be strife in the Middle East, economic uncertainty and all manner of troubles around the world.  Add to that the daily incidents of rudeness, me first-ism, and a lack of respect and kindness for others and I think the point is clear; the world needs changing.

In December in the season of Advent we were talking about preparing for the coming of our Advent King.  In talking about this king the point was made repeatedly that He was going to turn the world upside down.  This king was going to be a king in ways that most people did not expect.  This king would be different than all the other kings that people knew.  He would be a world changer.

Each of us has the chance to be a world changer.  I know most of you don’t think that is possible.  You say that you are not a king, you are not a leader, you have very little influence and certainly you don’t have the talent, skills or abilities to change the world.  I beg to differ with you.  I believe that you do have the ability to be a world changer and have all the skills, abilities and talents you need.  And simply all you have to do is follow the example of our Advent King and you can change the world!  Think about how Jesus changed the world. He taught people to turn the other cheek, he taught people to love their enemies and he taught us what it means to love sacrificially.

You change the world first and foremost by beginning with you, yourself.  See each of us could learn to love better.  First we need to learn to love ourselves, I talk to so many people who just don’t seem to love themselves.  They think they are not good enough, tall enough, pretty enough, nice enough, you fill in the blank. They just don’t seem to love themselves.  God makes us for His purposes, in His Image and we are worth everything in his eyes, so let’s agree to love ourselves, because God does.

Next let’s learn to love one another better.  I am a people watcher and when I am out and about I watch people and it is amazing how rude and crude we are to other people.  We don’t open doors for others. We barge ahead. We cut in line, both in person and in our cars.   We don’t take the time to do for others, to share a kind word, a compliment or see how we could help someone.  If we focused on doing one act of kindness or love each day for someone we would be surprised how much of an impact it would have on others. Think about this year, you can be a world changer. “Love one another as I have loved you … by this they will know you are my disciples.”   This is pretty good advice from the perfect world changer.

Our Weekly Prayer

Lord God, we know that you have created the world and continue to be in the world shaping and changing our lives.  We have never thought of ourselves as world changers, yet we see how your Son did this while he was on earth.  He taught us about love, real love, love that is sacrificial, love that gives and does not take, love that is complete and perfect.  It is all too often too easy to look for and see the negative, the bad side of things and people.  Lord, help me to look to the good side, the side of love, care and concern.  Help me to be a world changer by loving as our Lord Jesus has loved.  In his loving name I pray. Amen