Devotion and Prayer for Week of February 10, 2013

Meditation for the Week of February 10, 2013

 Did You See Jesus?

As we start the month of February and are getting ready for Lent, this is a fair question to ask.  In January the church was celebrating the season of Epiphany.  Epiphany is a Greek word that translated means, manifestation, make visible, reveal.  And as we recall the readings and events that took place during the season of Epiphany, that is exactly what happened.  On Epiphany Sunday we heard about the three wisemen who came from the east, seeking Him who was born king of the Jews.  And when they found the baby Jesus they worshipped him and gave him gifts, for he had been revealed to them as the promised savior of the world.

Likewise we saw the Baptism of Jesus take place in the Jordan River, where John the Baptizer, baptized Jesus.  And once again more about Jesus is revealed, simply that he is filled with the Holy Spirit as represented by the dove descending from heaven.  But he is made manifest as the savior when the heavens open and God speaks and says; “this is my Son, with Him I am well pleased.”  That day many people saw Jesus and got a glimpse of God with flesh on.

In a few days, we will worship the transfiguration of our Jesus.  This is the reading, which marks the end of the season of Epiphany.  For here Jesus is shown in his role as God.  The disciples Peter, James and John have gone up on the mountain with Jesus.  And while their eyes grew heavy with sleep, Jesus was transfigured.  Jesus’ appearance was changed to be bright, and magnificent reflecting to some extent the glory he has as God.  This man the disciples know as Jesus is manifested as God, the holy, almighty, creator God.  And they get just a glimpse of his magnificence and glory that he possesses as God.  Over and above his appearance is that fact that Jesus is joined by Moses and Elijah.  Two of the most well known Old Testament people, Moses the deliverer, who lead the people out of bondage in Egypt and who gave the people God’s commandments. Then there is Elijah the great prophet who called the people to turn away from idol worship and return to the worship of the only true God.  Jesus the Lord’s savior, God with flesh on is talking with these two great prophets about Jesus’ upcoming death.

The disciples at that moment awoke, confused, frightened and not fully understanding what was before them, was God revealed, made manifest to them.  Fortunately, the disciples do begin to understand and see Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  So now we come back to our question. Did you see Jesus?  Did you see him in God’s word, teaching, preaching, healing, forgiving and promising you grace, mercy and love?  Did you see him in the acts of kindness and love performed by others?  Did you see him in the answer to prayers?  Did you see him in the comfort his presence gives to those who mourn, but who have hope because of the promise of eternal life with Jesus? If you didn’t, look again, because Jesus is here and invites you to come and see him and know him better.

Our Weekly Prayer 

Most Wonderful Heavenly Father, we give you thanks that you have sent your Son our Savior to live here on earth.  We give you thanks that you have revealed his glory, honor and might before us these past few weeks.  We ask you to help us to see Jesus in acts of kindness and mercy.  Help us to see Jesus as we read and study your Holy Word.  Help us to see Jesus in the answers to our prayers.  But we pray especially that you will help us to show Jesus to others, by how we live, act and speak.  We ask this all in the name of our revealed Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen