Devotion and Prayer for Week of April 22, 2012

Meditation for the Week of April 22, 2012


“Then He opened there minds to understand the Scriptures” Luke 24:45


Most of you probably remember the good old days, when you pulled into a Gas Station, an attendant came out to pump the gas into your car.  Most of the time you would say ‘fill ‘er up!’  And when gas was say, $.35 a gallon or even up to a dollar a gallon you thought nothing of saying ‘fill ‘er up.’

With four dollar a gallon gasoline, and of course with self-service gas stations, I am guessing that the phrase, ‘fill ‘er up’ will soon vanish from our language. Yet there are many instances where we will look to ‘fill ‘er up.’  Most often this comes when we sit down to enjoy some food.  Quite often when it comes to a favorite dish, like maybe ice cream, or mashed potatoes and gravy, or spaghetti or even that morning cup of coffee, we tell the server or our spouse to ‘fill ‘er up’. Meaning to fill up our plate, our cup, or our stomach with the food we really like and enjoy.  Yet with all the nutrition guides, smaller serving sizes and calorie and fat content charts we are rarely saying, ‘fill ‘er up.’

Our Bible verse reflects a time when Jesus sought to fill up his disciples with the knowledge and understanding they would need to carry on the work Jesus had begun.  For now that Jesus was raised from the dead, it would be just a few short weeks before He would ascend back up to heaven.  And the disciples would be the point men for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus.  Jesus has appeared to them and they know and understand that he has risen from the dead and is alive.  And so you have to wonder if it was Jesus who said to the disciples gather around and let me fill you up.  Or if in fact, the disciples asked Jesus to “fill ‘er up’ with all that they would need to do the important work in front of them.

In reality this phrase ought to be on our lips every time we get ready to attend a worship service or whenever we sit down and read the Bible or a devotion or even when we stop to pray. We should say to the Lord, ‘fill ‘er up’.  We want to be filled with the knowledge of God’s Word and will for our lives.  We want to be filled with His presence daily.  We want to be filled with the abiding peace, love and comfort that comes from knowing that we have a Savior in Jesus Christ.  A savior who has done everything needed for our salvation.  And we want to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit so that others can see Jesus in us.

When Jesus fills us up, we are never alone; never without a companion or friend.  Having Jesus fill us up means that we are full both in body and spirit with God.  This means that we don’t have to seek other ways to be filled up, that Jesus does it all and fills us all. If you hear someone complain that they feel empty or alone.  Fill them up, tell them about Jesus and how much he loves them, that he died on the cross for them and rose from the dead for them and how he longs to fill them up.


Our Weekly Prayer

Dearest Jesus, ‘fill ‘er up’, fill me up with Your power, Your presence and Your love. Grant me out of your abundant grace, mercy and love and the ability to know you as my Lord and Savior so that I am never empty again.  Walk with me, talk with me, be with me each and every hour of my life.  I have walked many paths, some not with You.  Yet You have held out to me the promise of forgiveness for life’s errors and mistakes.  And you have replaced the emptiness of my failures with the fullness of you. You have given to me the fullness of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. O Lord, hear my prayer. Amen