Devotion and Prayer for Week of September 30, 2012

Meditation for the Week of September 30, 2012


Listen, God Is Calling!

In our modern society we have all these new technological ways to communicate with other people.  There is twitter, facebook, pinterest, e-mail, cell phones and instant messaging, along with the old fashion land line telephone and even the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with another person. In spite of all the technologies and methodologies of communicating, I often wonder if instead of truly communicating we are just too busy talking or speaking past each other.

Years ago in a class on effective communication, I learned that for meaningful communication to take place there had to be a sender and a receiver.  And yet today it all seems about sending and we don’t seem to care if someone receives what we’ve sent.  It somehow is just important that we send it, not if someone receives it.

Thumbing through a hymnal the other day, I came across a hymn that caused me to stop and think about this whole communication process and how we operate today, how God designed us and created the communication process.  The hymn is entitled, “Listen God is Calling.”

The chorus reads: “Listen, listen, God is calling, Through the Word inviting, Offering forgiveness, comfort and Joy.” The first verse reads: Jesus gave His mandate: Share the Good News, That He came to save us – And set us free.”  Then the chorus is repeated.

It hit me that one of things that I am really supposed to focus on is being the receiver, listening to people and listening to God. I started to ask myself if I do spend time listening, letting God talk to me.  As I thought about this, I started to quickly move onto other things, because I had a “to do list” that was a mile long.

But a few days later God moved me to listen.  I was to attend a training session and had been busy preparing for it, along with trying to get everything else caught up so I could be out of town at the class.  After some very long days and hurried hours, I left town for the class.  As I arrived at my destination, I started to feel sick and a full-blown allergy attack was underway.  And it continued through the night into the morning.  Then I started to drive to the location for the class.  But instead, several warning lights flashed on the dash of my car forcing me to head for a local garage to get things checked out.

Long story short, I never made the class, instead I was sidelined for a couple of days and forced while away from home to spend time listening to God, something I was too busy to do while at work and in the previous weeks.  God got my attention and asked me to take time to listen to him, to receive communication from him in prayer, in His Word and in His sacraments.  As we leave September and head into October this is a good chance to ask yourself if you are taking time to listen, to others, to family, to friends and most importantly to God. Try it and you will find Comfort and Joy!


Our Weekly Prayer

O Lord, I come before you spending way too much time talking.  Open my heart and my mind to listen to you, to allow you to permeate my very being and let your holy presence wash over me and through me. Allow me to receive the richness of your grace, mercy and love in my inner most being.  Help me Lord to listen, to listen to you and to hear you speak to me.  Through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, ever one God. Amen